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Fan Convention Update: New York Comic Con 2017

2017-06-07 21:41:02 by Joecool597

Dear Fans,

We're finally going back to New York Comic Con this year. I found out that New York Comic Con has been announced that they're no longer selling 4-Day or 3-Day tickets anymore, I think that's because of the crowded issues, and they also have a Fan Verification.

Anyway, we're going to be there on Saturday October 7th, 2017.
Sold out for Saturday tickets online? No worries, because it still available right here:
or Vivid Seats:

If you don't want to, that's fine. You can still buy the single tickets beside Saturday or Sunday (for kids) on the official website right here:

And it was located at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Thank you and We'll see you there on October. ;)


Here's my new animated sitcom show. I plan this project in a year ago, but it's the unfinished pilot episode. Hope guys enjoy anyway.

New Gaming Channel!

2016-07-21 08:48:54 by Joecool597

Check out my new gaming channel on YouTube:
Hope you guys enjoy my let's play video.
And also don't forget to follow me on Twitch to watch my live stream coming soon at:

Gaming Channel Schedules:
1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Subspace Emissary Gamplay
Every weekends (Friday - Saturday).

[More schedules updates coming soon]

We were having an awesome time coming back to Wizard World.

Day 1: I was cosplay as Markiplier (again), and just...looking around the dealers, artists, and gaming side. (Just like a pre-con)

Day 2: I was cosplay as Sans from Undertale. We also went to see Screen Junkies to see the upcoming new video of "Honest Trailers". It was awesome!
If you like to see the rest of the it on Live stream version, go to Wizard World Gaming on Twitch here:

Day 3: I was cosplay as Sorcerer Mickey Mouse (again). My friend from school came with me after we saw the cast of Captain America Civil War. Then we saw the cast of Thor and Loki, and the cast of Back to the Future Trilogy. And finally, we went to see Screen Junkies again for "Movie Fights" and "Meet & Greet) (which is not shown in the video).
Subscribe to Screen Junkies:

Day 4: I did not cosplay anything, but we just saw Billy Boyd who plays as Pippin from "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.

And that's my short 4 days story for you, guys.

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Fan Convention Update

2016-05-28 07:54:46 by Joecool597

Dear Fans,

We have one more week left until, well actually this Thursday - Sunday, we're coming to Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. I can't wait to see Marvel crew and "Back to the Future" Trilogy crew. (I hope they have a panel of it next Saturday).

I know that we're not be able to come back to Animazement the year, which is today, but they're having a live stream on so if you like to check it out while you're not there too.
Live Streaming is right here:
I'm hoping they're having a live stream of 10th anniversary of Cosplay Chess. We'll see.

Anyway, We'll see you guys at Wizard World on Thursday - Sunday (Next weekend)

If you didn't order the tickets, go right ahead and purchase right here before it's too late:
VIP:… Or Admission (Regular):…



Sakura Sunday 2016

2016-04-18 10:04:53 by Joecool597

I was having a great time at Sakura Sunday yesterday. I understand this is a festival, but I can still call it the outdoor anime convention.

Well, I have just a few cosplay photos (In the end of the video) and I am so happy that I've finally found Undertale cosplay (just two of them). XD

I know you think this thumbnail is that I'm look fabulous. X3

I think I probably miss the beginning of the Cosplay Faction show, but that's ok. :/


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Dear Fans,

This year me, my brother, and my sister are going back to Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, especially my parents as my family trip on Saturday. I heard they're having a "Back to the Future Trilogy" Panel on Saturday (June 4th) to see Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson.

So for now on before we go, I'm ordering something that I can cosplay as Sans from Undertale and I'll might cosplay a Markiplier again, because my Mom gave me a really cool Markiplier T-shirt with a warfstache on it for my very late Christmas gift. LOL!

If you're curious or felt satisfy to go, go ahead and purchase a 4-Day, or 1-Day tickets right here:

Remember, Wizard World starts on Thursday - Sunday, June 2nd - 5th 2016. Located in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Hope I'll see you there. ;)


PS: We might still going back to Animazement first on May 2016, because we want to see the 10th anniversary of Cosplay Chess. Hope I'll see you there too.

New Animation show in the work.

2015-12-29 10:58:24 by Joecool597

New animation show, "The Pete and Alfred Show" Coming soon.

Here's the behind the scene image that I got so far:

For now on, I'm trying to find a very awesome short instrumental music for the intro of it.

Part 3 of Animazement 2015 video

2015-06-20 09:01:57 by Joecool597

Dear Fans,

In Part 3 (The Final Chapter) is in Day 3. We watch a Cosplay Chess, it was hilarious and very fun game. Yeah, I heard that next year is going to be a 10th Anniversary of Animazement's Cosplay Chess. We're so excited for that.

I know we have a lot of Five Nights at Freddy's Cosplayers photos that we just took it, especially a little bit for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Cosplayer. I'll show it to you after the footages. ;)



I'm graduated this year.

2015-06-16 10:21:39 by Joecool597


Dear Fans,

I finally made it, guys.

Well, I never do graduation speech on stage at all, because I’ll get extremely nervous. But, I made my speech as my English project last month. I was trying to practice so hard as I can.

Here’s my graduation speech what I’m going to say:

   I am nervous and excited to be here. I know it has taken a lot of hard work and effort to overcome obstacles to get here. I want to encourage you to continue to work hard and pursue your goals and dreams.

   When I was in sixth grade, and joined a bowling team with my brother, sister, and cousin, I was afraid that we would not do well, because it was our first year. However, we stuck with it and practiced a lot. During the finals, we came in second place out of twenty-five teams. We were so proud of ourselves and what we have accomplished. I felt like all of the practicing paid off.

   Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Whatever your life’s works is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.” That means you give it your all. I think as we go out into our future, we need to pursue our dreams and goals with all our heart. In the future when you want to achieve a goal, things will get in your way, but my advice to you is to give it your all. I encourage you to work hard and pursue your dreams.

   My goals and dreams are to be the best filmmaker and producer I could be. The way I plan to do this is to first visualize my dream, and take action like going to college and learning more about camera techniques. If you have a goal like mine, I say this to you; visualize your dream and you can accomplish anything.

   Vincent Van Gogh once said, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” What he was trying to say is, don’t listen to the negative words telling you that you can’t have your dream. The only way to silence the negative words is to achieve your dreams. So if you work hard, you too can accomplish anything. Don’t let the negative words tell you that you can’t. You can accomplish your dreams.

   Another time in my life that I encountered obstacles was in socialization. I stumbled over my words and it would embarrasses me. I would rather email someone instead of talking to them face to face, but I realized that in life you need to talk to people and communicate your thoughts and ideas, so that they can know who you are and you can know who they are. I was afraid. One day, I had to talk to one of my administrators, and I was very nervous, but I knew that I would not overcome this fear if I did nothing. I prepared my speech and talked to him. It was frightening, but one word, I felt so good. I finally did it!

   There is a movie called “McFarland USA” that reminds me of my brother, because he runs cross country. In the movie the kids thought that they had nothing to live for and they had no goals to pursue. Then, they got a coach that believed in them and taught them that their hard work will pay off. Later in the movie, they believed in themselves and each other. They ended up becoming more than they ever thought possible. I encourage you to do the same. Set your goals and believe in yourself to achieve every one of them.


Thank you all. Have a great summer. And congratulation to all class of 2015.